Call your Senators to not repeal the Affordable Care Act


The GOP, out of meanness, wants to reverse everything Obama has ever done. Our health care is on the line. As a person with MS I fear that insurances can discriminate against me for preexisting conditions.

From the National Law Center: They’re coming for affordable health coverage—and it’s up to us to defend it.Today, on the Senate floor, some Members of Congress are using the budget process to take the first steps toward repeal of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. Make no mistake: repealing this law would be devastating for women’s health. We need your urgent action to protect the health care law right now.

Tell Your Senators Not to Repeal the Affordable Care Act

Step 1: Call 202-224-3121.

Step 2: When you’re connected, say “As your constituent, I urge you NOT to Repeal the Affordable Care Act.”

Step 3: Hang up and repeat for your other Senator.

Want more talking points for your call? We’ve got you covered! Thanks to the health care law:

  • Nine in 10 women and girls now have affordable, comprehensive health insurance that meets their needs.
  • Insurance companies can’t charge women more than men.
  • People can’t be denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions.
  • Women now have maternity coverage as a part of essential health benefits.
  • 55 million women now have health insurance that gives them no-cost coverage for key preventive services like birth control, mammograms and breastfeeding support.

Tell your Member of Congress to protect all of the progress we’ve made.Access to affordable, lifesaving care is on the line—this is too important for any of us to stay silent. We need to flood the Senate’s phone lines with messages of support for the health care law. It only takes a minute to call, but it can make a difference if your Senators hear from you!We’ll never stop fighting to protect women’s health. Thank you for fighting alongside us.

Gretchen Borchelt
Vice President for Reproductive Rights and Health
National Women’s Law Center