Obama uses executive order to make safer gun laws.


A real man that has true emotion, cried when he talked about the innocence lost on the day a man with an assault rifle went to the school and shot little kids. Another angry, white dude. At least my president is trying to stop access to guns if you are mentally ill. Soon the day will come when anyone convicted of domestic abuse won’t be able to own a gun. When women are murdered its almost always their men in their lives. Little man big gun deficit. Don’t let the NRA use their money to influence smart, gun safety, why be against sellers checking with law officials to see if the person buying guns has a criminal record? Why so many against that? No one wants to take your guns. Calm down, stand down, Annie go get your gun and put it in your holster. It’s not the wild wild west anymore. Progressive people everywhere stand with our President. Will you?Gun toting at Eugene Recruitting office