Inn at the Fifth in Eugene Oregon our stay at home vacation in Eugene Oregon

Our stay-cation in Eugene at the Inn at the 5th St. Market,in Eugene,  a new hotel that the owner mimics The Inn at the Market in Seattle where we stayed years ago. We were shuttled around in a Mercedes, heck the guy opened the door for me, and called me mam.  We feasted on bread, brie cheese from France, olives, caramels. We bought downstairs at the market, a two story mall with shops and boutique stores. We never really went to the restaurant for dinner after eating out bounty in our room.  The whole hotel had lighting covers made from huge blown glass, orange covers on all levels, outside the rooms, down the halls, i guess a local gal did all the work. I think you will see them in the video. I did my two work outs in their mini gym and I offered to pay for a massage for Mark but he declined, he seems content with “my rubbings”. We had a blast, going down to listen to music, wandering the streets, with Mark doing lead up ahead, holding on to my walker guiding me through the crowd, when someone didn’t move he yelled “Hot Soup” and the crowd would part. We hadn’t gone on a vacation for over a year, so we were over due.  And staying in Eugene, we didn’t use the truck all weekend. The shuttle even took Mark to the music store for a broken mandolin string. He found the slate bathroom the best to create music and made this recording, him on all parts.  I had to interrupt him so i could use the dang bathroom. Over all we had a wonderful time. Twenty years and we still keep on going.  Love is all you need in life. Someone to share life’s ups and downs.        Diane and Mark



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